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Meat Sold Individually - purchase sauces separately Price
Jerk Style Loin Back Ribs -Full Slab $30
Jerk whole chicken $15
Jerk pork shoulder $8 per lb.
Jerk Seasoned Pulled Pork Shoulder $15
Sliced Smoked Beef Brisket $20 per lb.
Smoked or Jerk Whole Brisket (4.5 - 7 lbs. average) $20 per lb.
Smoked or Jerk Prime Rib Market Price
Smoked Beef Tenderloin Market Price
Smoked Beef Sirloin Market Price
Jerk Mahi Mahi Market Price
Seared Ahi Market Price
Steamed or Grilled Lobsters Market Price
Garlic Shrimp Lg. $20 per lb.
Escoveitched Fish Market Price
Alligator Steaks Market Price, Special Order
Alligator Bites Market Price, Special Order
Cole Slaw $6 Pint
Pumpkin Cord Bread $16 dz cupcakes or 10" round
Mango Papaya Salsa $10 Pint
Cool Runnings Spicy Jerk Sauce $8 Pint
Special Order:
Curry Potato $16 qt (minimum 3 qts.)
Potato Salad $16 qt (minimum 3 qts.)
Molokai Mashed Potato $16 qt (minimum 3 qyts.)
Desserts - all are Special Order:
Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce $45 pan (16 - 18 pcs.)
Pumpkin Bars with Caramel Sauce $45 pan (16 - 18 pcs.)
Sweet Potato Pudding $45 pan (16 - 18 pcs.)
Spiced Buns $20 per loaf (3 loaves minimum)
Rum n Raisins Spiced Cake $30 12" round
Gluten Free Banana Bread $12 per loaf (3 loaves minimum)
Lunch Plates (comes with 2 sides) Price
Alaskan Salmon $14
Garlic or Curry Shrimp $14
Jerk Mahi $14
Baby Back Ribs $14
Curry Lamb $14
Jerk or Curry Chicken $12
Jerk or Curry Pork $12
Kids Menu Half price on everything
Wraps & Sandwiches
Choice of protein, cheese, rice, cabbage, avocado, fried banana or beans
Mahi $8
Salmon $8
Gluten Free Lettuce Wrap $8
Jerk Pork $6
Jerk or Curry Chicken $6
Jamaican Patties $3.50
House Salad $7
Pumpkin or Bean soup $5
Yellow Rice $3.50
Steamed Cabbage $3.50
Rice & Bean $3.50
Mixed Vegetables $3.50
Baby Bok Choy $3.50
Pumpkin Corn Bread $1.50
Coconut H2O $3.50
Large Coconut H2O $6
Iced Green Tea $2
Bottled Water (Propel) $1.00
POG $1.15
Lilikoi $1.15
Bread Pudding $5
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